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If you haven’t heard of monster afterparty it’s about time that you do.  They were making trap bangers before you though trap music was cool and while they come from the traditional world of trap they are planning a reinvention very soon!

A little something I worked on for a contest. have you heard this song?  #mndr

dang that dog is cute

dang that dog is cute

Yooooooo!  It has been a while since I last posted.  I am going to be posting a whole lot more music because I have been super creative as of late.  Here is one from MNDR and she loves to eat diamonds.  I added some flair to this shizzzz so check it out.

I don’t want to be a DJ pt 1

I have loved music ever since I can remember.  In fact some of the very first pictures taken of me were with musical instruments that I found on my own.  I can remember listening to the melodies of songs as a child and trying to make different variations of the patterns in my head.  I liked music a whole lot and I didn’t have to think about it very much to know I might actually LOVE music.

That was in the 80’s and 90’s.  It’s 2012 now and unless the world ends (which I am optimistic on) I better figure something out.  Throughout the years my musical tastes have changed dramatically.  To start it off, I was forced to listen to my parents radio stations as I was shuffled to and from school, soccer practice, tap dance recitals (WTF?!?!?!)…… pretty much anywhere because I was a kid and couldn’t do it myself.  My mom played the “soft hits” of the 80’s and 90’s and my dad played the oldies stations.  Now the soft hits were pretty catchy and some of them are guilty pleasures.  Michael Jackson is in the top 5 of my favorite artists of all time and I think Hall and Oates are pretty rad too.  However, I it was my dads music that really made me enjoy and appreciate the music for what it was.  The songs played were all the pop hits of the 50’s and 60’s, The Stones, The Beach Boys, Bob Dylan, James Brown and The Beatles, who I hated with a passion.  Admitidly I only hated them because my dad loved them so much but as I grew I experimented listening to other music and always came back to the bands and artists I listened to as a child in my dad’s beat up old white Ford Aerostar.  Let’s go through my progression in musical tastes not influenced by my parents, shall we:

  • ~6-7yrs old, Genre- Rap Hip Hop, Favorite songs: “Baby got back”- Sir Mix A lot. “whoomp there it is”-  Tag Team and the Power Rangers theme.
  • 8-10yrs old, Genre- More Hip Hop (but more of that gangster shit!), Favorite songs: “regulators” Warren G, “My Name” Snoop Dogg and the entire Bone Thugs collection.
  • 11-13yrs old-Genre: Alternative Rock, Favorite Songs: “Down” 311, “Shove it” The Deftones, “Freak On A leash” Korn and the entire first Slipknot album as one cohesive song.
  • 14yrs old- Genre: Trance and all sub genres.  Favorite Songs: “Expander” Sasha and Digweed, “Sandstorm” Darude and a bunch of other artists that I can’t remember because it was a blur.
  • 15-17yr- Genre: More Rock and Metal/Punk, Favorite Songs: didn’t really have any favorites that I can recall (it’s probably because they suck)
  • 18-21yr- Genre: Jam bands (yuck) fav band: the mars volta (I still like these guys)
  • Currently- Anything with a beat that doesn’t sound like crap.

I must reiterate, all of the music I mentioned above I found on my own but I still continued to listen to my parents music sporadically and explored some of those artists as well during this time.  The music I found on my own has been cyclical and a lot has stayed with me but I am once again moving back to the oldies I used to listen to in with my mother and father.  I feel as if that music has influenced me more than any other type as I always come back to it.  It is safe to say that these songs and artists have changed my life.  That is not to say that other types of music havent changed my life either but I don’t seem to keep going back and listening to Korn or 311 as a source of inspiration.  

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"Everytime I look away,

                          Someone steals my burrito”

                                         - Anonymous

I love hot pockets

I love hot pockets